We offer a comprehensive range of display solutions for various projects, including TFT-LCD, OLED, and EL displays. We also provide customized display solutions, and displays with HDMI boards for easier product development.

Additionally, we have Geeplus solenoids in our product range.

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TFT and LCD Displays

TFT-LCD displays are available in a wide range to meet various demanding projects.

There is also a good selection of wide operating temperature displays (-30c ~ +85c).

Displays with touch features are also available. We offer customized solutions such as cable modifications and custom protective glass with various prints or coatings (e.g., logos, text, buttons).

The most common size range is 0.96″ – 15″. Other sizes are also available, so feel free to contact us and inquire!

OLED Displays

OLED displays are the solution when lightweight and thin displays are required. OLED displays offer strong contrast and wide viewing angles. Additionally, they operate seamlessly across a very broad temperature range (-30 C ~ +85 C).

Transparent EL Displays

Lumineq’s transparent and highly durable displays also perform well in demanding conditions. This technology provides excellent solutions for projects where display transparency is a crucial feature. Transparent displays also come with touch functionality.

An example is shown next to the ELT120S-Multigauge transparent display from Lumineq.