Design Services and Manufacturing of TFT, OLED, and EL Displays

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We provide our customers design support for selecting displays for various industry display projects.

In the initial phase, we conduct a survey of the customer’s display needs and usage applications, as well as the product development and planned production schedule.

* Preliminary specifications for standard displays are provided for suitable options.

* Displays requiring customization are selected and offered based on technical requirements, specifications, and drawings provided by the customer.


As the basis for our recommendations, we take into account the customer’s applications and the display’s operating environment, as well as other technical and optical specifications for the selected display.

To support the customer’s final display selection, we also provide the following production information for the displays:

  • Production lifecycle view and long-term availability within a 3 to 10-year timeframe
  • Availability information for display demos and sample units, along with delivery details to the customer
  • Delivery time for production batches
  • Price information and quotations for production batches


Production of documents at the factory

Customer reviews and approves manufacturing documents

Production and delivery of sample units to the customer

Approval of sample units by the customer

Manufacturing of production batches and delivery to the customer or contract manufacturers


The pricing and quotations for displays, sales, orders, and order confirmations are always handled directly by Starmakes Oy for our customers.

Shipments and Storage

For our European customers, we handle all shipments from our own warehouse in Helsinki.

For contract customers, we can maintain buffer stock in our Helsinki warehouse to ensure order fulfillment as per requirements.

In addition, our buffer stock allows us to make quick additional deliveries as needed.

For our Asian customers and contract manufacturers, we store displays according to the agreement at our Shenzhen factory and make direct shipments from there to their production facilities.

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We offer a comprehensive range of display solutions for various projects. You can find TFT-LCD, OLED, and EL displays among our offerings. We also provide customized display solutions.


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